Your next boss?

- JIMMY IMPROVED EVERYONE has interviewed the chairman of the Norwegian top club that might feed Exeter with their next manager. And no, weíre not pulling your leg.

Atle Skailand is the chairman of Egersunds IK, table toppers in the Norwegian third division, section 13. The man who has taken them there, is the football legend, Jimmy Quinn.

Quinn became the clubís trainer and manager in January by a coincidence. Two years after he was one of the managers interviewed for the Northern Ireland job, he was out of work and his agent recommended him. A combination of a new challenge and an average Norwegian workerís salary (app. £25.000+) was enough to tempt him, and he was appointed in January this year.

He had enormous success from day one.

- A great guy who was very good at coaching people, says Skailand to in this exclusive interview.

Being demoralized from last seasonís relegation, fortunes changed quickly.

- Jimmy improved everyone, everyone became better players under him, says the EIK chairman. - He was just a brilliant coach, and everyone keeps saying who much they learnt from him.

Despite his success, being top of the table having won all of their league games, his stay didnít last long. In the beginning of June, he resigned and went home to England.

- His resignation came completely out of the blue. Personal reasons was given, and I think he just missed his family who didnít go with him to Norway, says Skailand.

Now Quinn is one of the hottest men for the Exeter managerial job. And Skailand will have no problems in recommending him.

- Of course not. We will give him the best recommendations he can get. Everyone was really disappointed when he left.

On his appointment at EIK, read his initial thoughts here.

Marius G Vik