Dolan and his trade mark hair style

Premiership club wants to help Exeter

- Exeter City will always be my club, and Iíd love to help them out with players, says the Academy Manager of Englandís most successful club this season.

Everyone vaguely connected with Exeter will remember Eamonn Dolan, Exeters former striker who took over as manager in the summer of 2003, and stayed until high flying Reading came in for him in November 2004.

- Yeah, I am one of the few managers never to get the sack, Eamonn giggles over the phone from Reading.

Popular among fans and players, ďEamoĒ had a reasonably successful spell as ECFCís manager, steering the Grecians to 26 wins in 63 games, losing only 19. Having a very limited budget, Dolan started laying the foundation for Cityís soon to be successful future by investing in the youngsters.

- Glenn Cronin, Les Afful, Danny Clay, Dean Moxey, and also Marcus Martin and Gary Sawyer, were players that I worked closely with, and look how they came through and performed at Old Trafford last season.

- In addition we also said that George Friend would mature lately, while Mark Ellis and Jamie Hatch always had that little bit extra, and I am sure that Exeter will get a six figure sum for the two of them this week (a tribunal will decide within the next seen days what compensations Exeter should get for the two teenagers, ed.), which should come in handy.

In their last home game, a 3-1 Daggers hammering, no City player was more than 26, most of the players were in their early twenties.

- I canít believe Exeter didnít get promoted this season, but thereís always next year, ey?

Happy Days - Dolan & Copps

A season that Dolan very much would like to help out with.

Eamonn Dolan is high flying Readingís Academy Manager, and has been mentioned by Manager Steve Coppell on several occasions as an important reason for the clubís success.

- I really enjoy being here, and the club and their supporters remind me a lot of Exeter. You have this nice, friendly small club feeling, still you have a lot of fans turning up, week in week out Ė just like Exeter with their amazing 4.000 average in the Conference!

Thereís no doubt Exeter still is still very much in Eamonnís heart, and if wanted, heíd loved to help out.

- Yes, absolutely, we have an awful lot of good, talented youngsters here at Reading, and if Exeter wanted to, Iíd love to help them out.

- Exeter will always be my club, and I have only good memories from my time there, so if there is anything I could do to help them, Iíd do so.

However, Readingís Academy Manager does not want to be pushy and try to talk his former club into anything.

- I used to talk a lot with Alex Inglethorpe just after he took over, but I havenít spoken to him after the Man U game.

- Do I sense a bit of a conflict here?

- No, not at all, but I think he wanted to stand on his own two feet, and I totally respect that. It is part of the learning process, just like I went to Reading FC to learn more and mature as a manager.

Pals with Perryman and Hiley
Naturally, the former Ireland U-21 striker always open the papers and looks for Cityís results first, but having moved to a nice house in Berkshire with his family, the contact with Devonís number one football club is not quite what it used to be.

- However, I still speak regularly with Steve Perryman, but I have the impression he used to be much more involved with Exeter than he is now. In addition, I speak quite often to Scotty Hiley, a good friend of mine.

And if should ever hear Eamonn Dolan criticize Exeter, this is probably as close as it gets:

- I donít know what happened there, but I do know that Scotty is a great character, with lots of experience and football knowledge, great assets to all clubs, the positive and friendly Irishman ends the interview diplomatically.

(Eamonn Dolan was speaking on the phone to Marius G Vik, who didnít write anything down during the conversation and has written this interview purely by memory and good intentions.)