Still worth smiling for, Alex!

Sir Alex out - or maybe not?
As always, a lot of heavy criticism for manager Alex Inglethorpe on Exeweb after City is beaten (even after losing against a team unbeaten at home!). Check Sir Alex’updated stats after 1.5 years as City’s manager, and make your own judgement.

According to Soccerbase, Sir Alex have guided Exeter through 77 games (even excluding our impressive, all win record in the Devon Bowl during that period, but including FA Cup, LDV and FA Trophy). His record is as follows:

77 played; 40 won - 12 drawn - 25 lost.

This gives you a
- win rate of 51.95 %
- draw rate of 15.58 %, and
- defeat rate of 32.47 %.

In a season with 42 (Conference) games, that would give us a record of

Won 22, Drawn 6, Lost 14.

If that’s what we end up with this season, we’ll get 72 points, and, with an average under Sir Alex of about 1 “plus goal” every two games, + 21 goals.

Point being?
We’d been in the play offs in 2004/05 and in 2003/04 with these results, and we still have a very good chance of getting there this season as well!

In addition, we have our best chance in modern times in getting to a (semi-) proper cup final.

Keep the faith, and keep giving your team and manager the best support they can get in the run in. It is now they needed to be lifted, it is now they need that little bit of extra support. Let’s take the evaluation after the season is over.

Marius G Vik