New City site – contributors wanted

Exeter City Supporters’Club of Norway (ECSCON)’s internet pages ( have risen from the dead, and were relaunched last week with a long list of contributors promising better days and regular columns. Most of it in Norwegian, for obvious reasons, but ECFC legend Steve Flack and former ECFC fanzine editor Al Crockford has both promised to contribute with regular columns each month in both English and Norwegian (might have to help them a bit with the last part, we’ll see..), and there are also other articles being written every now and then in English – feel free to have a look at this site!

We plan on having a match report being done quite quickly after each game, and would like help from at least one steady exewebber/City supporter who plan to see most games this season: We’ll get enough information to write a match report ourselves, but if anyone would like to be our star journalist with a critical eye, giving out marks like in the good, old Match magazine, ie points (from 1 to 10, not from 4 to 10, though!) for each player’s performance, we’d very much appreciate it.

Send me (Marius) a few words at if you’re up to it. No reward apart from a pint of cider after the season’s over and an exclusive Norwegian Grecian pin for the job, I’m afraid.