Now, we are not talking about why Junichi Inamoto was brought to Arsenal. In fact, we have made our own “Flacky’s gonna get yah” t-shirts, that can be yours if you book them NOW!

Exeter City Norwegian supporters’club are making a limited number of t-shirts that we plan on selling at Gravesend at this season’s first game of the season. It is in red, with a picture of the great Stevie Flack himself, a fixture list and some dodgy text, including “Flacky’s gonna get yah”.

It could be all yours if you book it by this Friday (August 5th); payment on the day at chav’s land. Prices depend on how many booking we get, but they shouldn’t be more than £10, max £12, with one pound for each t-shirt going to Flacky’s testimonial – eh – fund?

Contact Marius at Marius.Vik@gmail.com, and look for the Norwegian flag at the ground OR a cider drinking Norwegian at the pub prior/after the game! MV