Watch out Roy Keane!

Stevie Flack:
- I might faint if we win at Old Trafford!

Norwegian hero and Exeter legend Steve Flack admits that he is not going to put everything he owns on City beating United, but as he says – anything can happen!

33 years old Stevie Flack-Attack has become the big icon among Norwegian City supporters. With a carreer within boxing and eight years in the City shirt he has showed everyone that he can cope with basically everything. Few players, if any, have given so much so many times when the travelling Vikings have been over, both on and off the pitch.

Biggest ever
Now he’s getting his reward.

- The United match is the biggest thing that’s happened to me on a football pitch. I play both against Everton and Charlton in the cup, where I think the attendance was about 20.000. This time it is going to be three times as many, and 9.000 of them are Exeter supporters. It is going to be fantastic, Flacky admits just three days before th game.

However, the former Cardiff player admits the chance of a win is not enormous, butt he possibility is there.

- If I was a gambler, I wouldn’t put money on City winning. Then again, we have a plan, and if we stick to it, the possibility will always be there.

The most important thing is to avoid an early goal the wrong way.

- The longer we can hold out and keep the score at 0-0, the better chances we have. There is always a chance that we can sneak a goal in, and with United probably using a few fringe players, who knows what can happen. They need to do a job, just like us. We’ll stick together and work our socks off - the chance is always there, says Flacky, chuckling when the editor says City probably have the same chances as Norway had in the World Cup against Brazil in 1998. Norway won 2-1…

He’s not too keen on predicting on the score at Old Trafford, but admits it is quite likely he’ll faint if City should win.

- Surely it had to be the biggest upset ever within football?

Alex the Great
Flacky has no problems in giving Alex Inglethorpe a lot of the credit for City’s amazing run in the league and FA Cup lately.

- He fully deserved “Manager of the month” for December. We are fitter when playing games now, as the training sessions are shorter and sharper. We also have Wednesdays off, and instead on being judged on what we do at training, we are judged on what we do during games. Now he hopes to consolidate City’s place in the play offs, and perhaps move up a place or two at the end of the season. - Who knows, Barnet are struggling at the moment, smiles Flacky.

To the 18 Norwegian Grecians and 8.982 other City supporters, a final word from the Flackmaister:

- Thanks for coming, enjoy the day, and help us put some extra pressure on United!

PS. Steve Flack is best supported by songs like ”Flack, Flack, Flack-Attack”, or ”Flackie’s gonna get yah” every time he is about to floor Rio & Keano…