The team that won the "Supportercupen 2005":

Back row: Henning, André
Middle row: Yngve, Morten, Tor
Front row: Marius, Mikael, Anders, Roger, Torgeir
Injured: Terje

ECSCON – how it all started

Exeter City Supporters Club of Norway was formed in Oslo on June 2nd, 1993, after Norway had beaten England (again?!) in a World Cup qualifying game. We didn't get Lord Nelson or Lord Beaverbrook, but at our regular pre-match boozer Highbury we got the two famous City supporters Roger Kendall jr. and Dominic Sanders instead. What a perfect match!

Before going to the game, we agreed to meet at Andy's Pub after the game (another famous Norwegian tradition!). To our big surprise - remember that Norway won 2-0 - the lads turned up, and we had a great night out. After the odd beer or ten, we started feeling a bit sorry (and seriously drunk, to be honest) for Messrs Kendall and Sanders, and we agreed to form an ECFC Supporters' Club - and here we are!

So far the Supporters' Club has arranged more official tours to our Mecca (St. James' Park) than we care to think about (results considered) and close to 50 Norwegians City supporters have seen the club live in the 12 years we have excited. Not too bad when you think of the fact that there we have app. 30 members! (There were actually 50 of us the first season when we were in the dizzy heights of the Second Division, but we have got rid of the glory hunters now!)

When we are not over watching the mighty Grecian playing, we concentrate on doing two things. Four to five times a season we publish our fanzine 'Exe-Rated', with 20-28 pages (in Norwegian) packed with information about the club (ed: OK, that bit was written in the previous century. Now we focus on updating our reborn internet pages..) Although there are 50 other Supporters Clubs for British teams in Norway (naturally, the Ply**uth scum have got one, and if they ever got one, I am sure the local Al Quidas would deal with them quickly), we are proud to say that we were the only magazine who has had a letter, article or interview with our manager in every issue! In addition, we have the traditional match reports, interviews and general information and articles - all written in Norwegian, naturally, while our home pages will include stuff both in Norwegian and English for our world wide audience..

A slightly younger version - the chapions from 1994:

Back row: André* – Lars – Jolla – Kristoffer(*) – Øyvind – Anders*
Front row: Arne – Torgeir* – Marius* – Henning* – Remi
Trophy kisser (with appropriate late 80ies skin pads): Stig
Missing: Gustav(*)

(* - played in both trophy winning tournaments; (*) still members)

Apart from the magazine, our most important task is the 'Supportercupen', a football competition between all the supporters clubs in Norway, which is held every summer. Thirty-six teams, and about 400 players take part, and Exeter City have done very well so far, to put it mildly (see the competition’s marathon table her!). The first season we competed (1994) we won the whole thing after beating Liverpool on penalties in the final. This after knocking out teams such as Aston Villa (5-0) and Leeds (3-1) on the way. Peter Lorimer came all the way from Leeds to present us with the trophy, a replica of the Jules Rimet trophy. This is now proudly displayed at the Centre Spot in Exeter!

After that, we had to wait another 11 years, losing five finals on the way. Finally, this year (2005), we took the trophy back where it belongs (Anders Rikter’s mantelpiece?!), beating Everton 3-0 (Champions League my arse!), in the final (see picture) but should soon be brought over by a Viking long boat and handed to the club.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our site and find the odd thing or two you haven’t seen elsewhere (for instance, we’ve managed to get Steve Flack-Attack as a regular contributior in his testimonial season!) If you want to help out yourself, we are looking for a City regular who can contribute with tongue-in-cheek match reports, as well as other as other stuff, preferably not published elsewhere. In return, you’ll get our exclusive Norwegian exeter City pin, and probably a pint of cider the next time we see you!

Contributors wanted!
Send your stuff to, or feel free to make any sensible comments about the central midfielder’s total lack of speed, stamina and/or skill (or any other CM reference you may feel to use on our players!), or why not become a member of our supporter’s club? 50 NOK, a mere £4.50, sent to Chairman Mao (better known as Kristoffer Sandnes on his better days), Kvernhusv. 3, 5164 Laksevåg, Norway, bank account 1590.12.69294. (It’ll probably be spent on cheap women and pissy lager on his next trip to Exeter, but never mind, it gets him over and at leats you can call yourself a member of ECSCON!) MV